Jeff Hill Joins TennGreen Team

Jeff Hill smiling in front of a tree in nature.

Introducing the newest friendly face in TennGreen Land Conservancy’s Nashville office!

In February, Jeff Hill joined the TennGreen team as its new GIS & Stewardship Manager. In this role, his responsibilities include maintaining and expanding the organization’s GIS database, completing GIS analysis for TennGreen’s Strategic Land Conservation Plan, and stewardship of all conservation easements and landholdings.

Jeff holds a Bachelor’s degree in forest resource management from Virginia Tech. He’s enjoyed managing timberland in Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida before moving to Tennessee, where he performed data management and analysis with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry. Jeff has experience in both prescribed fire and wildfire, and in 2020 he traveled to California to assist the U.S. Forest Service’s wildfire control efforts.

Now, Jeff splits his time between the outdoors and analyzing data to better empower landowners and communities to protect their land. He enjoys advising landowners on how to best preserve their lands’ natural integrity in accordance with land conservation best practices. Jeff’s favorite local hiking spot is Roan Mountain State Park.

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